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As An Affiliate For Whitney Johns Nutrition 

So glad you’re interested in becoming a Whitney Johns Affiliate. There are some really exciting opportunities right around the corner.

First and foremost, helping others rise to their true potential is a rewarding mission, and I truly believe sharing your knowledge of healthy products is a powerful action that has the potential to change lives.

And it’s also nice to get paid for spreading the word. Whether you have a big social following or prefer to connect with others face-to-face, becoming a Whitney Johns Affiliate is a great way to help others achieve better health and fitness, while paying you for your efforts.

Start Earning

What You Need To Know

Generous Commission

Commission Structure:

Enjoy earning up to 50% commission rate beginning on day one. All of your sales are accurately tracked and recorded in our affiliate software platform.

Simply share your unique affiliate link with your social following or friends and family, and whenever a purchase is made with your link you earn money.

Yup, it’s really that easy.

Premium Supplements, Highest-Quality Ingredients

I 100% stand behind my supplements, because they deliver real results and because the ingredients are top-notch.

This means you can be proud to represent a brand that really supports health and fitness.

From naturally enhancing blood flow, improving oxygen consumption and providing increased stamina and endurance to supporting cognitive function, mental clarity and reaction times there really is something for everyone.

And thanks to high-quality, natural ingredients, these supplements are some of the safest on the market, as well.

Done-For-You Marketing Materials

With a variety of done-for-you eye catching marketing materials spreading the word and earning money has never been easier.

Benefit from easy to use banners, images and graphics, and email templates.

When you’re part of my team, you get the support so it’s quick and easy to promote and move on with your day.

Real-Time Reporting

Tracking your efforts and your earnings is important.

After all, this is your hard work…

That’s why we chose Everflow to power our affiliate platform.

With Everflow you have access to real-time reporting on your commissions and referrals, so you'll always know exactly how much you've earned, and how your referrals are performing.

Dedicated Support

Get the support you need to succeed as a Whitney Johns Nutrition affiliate. That’s my commitment to you.

Whether you have questions about any of my supplements or need help on best ways to promote them, we're here to help.

Joining our affiliate program is simple. Just fill out the application form on this page.

My team will review your application within 24-48 hours.

Once approved, you'll receive access to all of our marketing materials and your unique affiliate link.

Thanks for your interest in becoming a Whitney Johns Nutrition affiliate.

Hey, I’m Whitney

And This Is My Brand

Hey, I'm Whitney, the founder and visionary behind Whitney Johns Nutrition. As a former professional bodybuilder turned certified personal trainer, I understand the grueling challenges of intense training and strict dietary requirements. I've encountered the highs and lows of competing against others and pushing myself to the limit.

Throughout my journey, I constantly sought out top-notch supplements to support my drive and hyperactive lifestyle. Unfortunately, so many products on the market are packed with ingredients that ultimately work against improved health.

Driven by this realization, I embarked on a mission to drastically raise the bar of nutritional supplementation. I collaborated with industry-leading experts and conducted extensive research to ensure that my formulations not only met but surpassed my own stringent standards.

The result is Whitney Johns Nutrition, a premium line of supplements using only the highest quality, natural ingredients that harmonize with your body, promoting sustainable and long-lasting results.

One of the biggest characteristics that sets my brand apart from the rest is our commitment to transparency. From the top down, the entire Whitney Johns Nutrition team believes that individuals deserve to know exactly what they're putting into their bodies. That's why we list all of our ingredients and their sources on every product label. It's also why we conduct regular third-party testing to ensure the purity and potency of our supplements.

Another equally important characteristic is our unwavering commitment to science-backed ingredients. Being brutally honest, I simply have no interest in following fads or trends when it comes to my supplements. Instead, my team and I meticulously select ingredients that have been proven through clinical studies to support overall health and wellness. A prime example is our Brain Active Energy supplement, which incorporates F4T® Pure C8 MCT coconut extract, Neumintix® spearmint extract, and Floraglo® marigold extract - all extensively researched for their proven bioavailability and effectiveness.

Bottom line:

Whitney Johns Nutrition is not just another supplement brand; we are a thriving community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for making improved health and nutrition more accessible to everyone. We take pride in being the trusted source for high-quality nutritional supplements and valuable resources that empower our customers to reach their personal health and fitness goals.

Become An Affiliate Partner

Does Whitney Johns Nutrition Align With Your Values? 

If The Answer Is ‘YES’, We Want YOU

Whitney Johns Nutrition is currently expanding, and we're actively seeking passionate individuals who align with our values and share the same dedication to health, fitness, and nutrition.

Earn Commission As An Affiliate

By becoming an affiliate partner of Whitney Johns Nutrition, you'll have the opportunity to earn a generous commission on every sale you refer to us. We offer a competitive commission structure and equip our affiliates with all the necessary tools and resources to thrive.

This includes access to:

● Exclusive discounts and promotions

● High-converting banners and ads

● Personalized support from our dedicated affiliate team

We firmly believe that by collaborating together, we can truly make a positive impact on the lives of our customers and assist them in achieving their health and wellness goals.

Join us in this journey, and let's create a meaningful difference together.