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My experience? Incredible actually. So I actually use this every day after work, I get off about 3 every day and run soccer drills before doing my online classes, and I like to game at night time, I use it after work because I am usually pretty done with the day after work and this stuff has definitely been helping me through my second half of the days, I don't know if I feel more focused, more energy or what the feeling is hard to explain but it keeps me going longer and I like that a lot. 5 stars for sure. 

Saheed O. - about BRAIN ACTIVATE

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Just Cover $6.95 Shipping

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Your Ability to Focus Is Absolutely Necessary To Get The Job Done

But you know how it goes…

By late afternoon, you’re already starting to experience a diminished ability to concentrate and focus on the important stuff you still need to get done… 

Stuff like work deadlines, work meetings, picking up kids from school, squeezing in workouts, preparing meals, spending quality time with loved ones, making sure the lights stay on, the bills get paid, and the fridge stays full. 

Being busy is just a simple reality for most people…

That’s why having a quality cognitive support supplement is so beneficial.

Focus better, remember more, get more done and feel good when you experience Brain Activate!

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(F4T® Pure C8 MCT Powder)

When MCTs are introduced to the body, they rapidly convert into brain-powering energy, increasing activity in the areas of the brain responsible for cognitive performance. This allows you to stay mentally sharp and feel like you’re “in the zone.”


MCTs also provide a quick ketone boost, putting you into a fat-burning state, increasing energy levels, and promoting healthier cellular function.

Spearmint Extract


Spearmint provides cell regeneration properties, making it easier to learn and recall new information while also improving reaction time, cognitive performance, and concentration. Unlike caffeine and other stimulants, spearmint provides all of these benefits without causing jitteriness, anxiety, or sleep problems.

Marigold Extract


Marigold is scientifically shown to block blue light and replenish lutein, an antioxidant that protects the brain and supports eye health. In today’s world of high exposure to blue light from digital screens, smartphones, and computers, marigold can reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. This supports cognitive function and may also improve sleep.

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The World's First Brain Activate GEL! 

All the power of Brain Activate, on the go!

Brain Activate Gel is a rapidly-absorbed focus & cognitive enhancer that’s ready to go when you are.

It utilizes Gelteq technology in combination with Brain Activate formula to deliver a highly bioavailable potent, focus-enhancing, memory-boosting formula that takes effect quickly and stays with you all day.

Whenever and wherever you need a boost, simply reach for a squeezable pouch, and enjoy this delicious game-changing formula!

Just Cover $6.95 Shipping

(Offer good only while supplies last)