Ingrid Graham

Whitney is an innovative and knowledgeable fitness professional. She consistently challenges me to perform better. Her unique programs have increased my endurance and lean muscle mass. She is extremely reliable and dedicated to her clients. I highly recommend her if you are looking to learn new skills and take your fitness and health to the next level.

Monique Bell

I would definitely recommend Whitney as a personal trainer.  She has everything I look for in a personal trainer. She is both reliable and knowledgeable. As a personal trainer myself I know exactly what I need to do in order to achieve the results I want. However, having someone with experience in bikini fitness modeling was exactly what I needed as I prepared for my first competitive show.

Being both nervous and having lots of anxiety about stepping on stage for the first time was an obstacle in itself, and I appreciated having her there to mentor and coach me through my very first prep, where I placed Top 5 in an NPC Bikini Fitness show. I didn't expect to win, I simply wanted to get over my stage fright and build confidence. She would always go the extra mile to check on me outside of sessions. She genuinely cared about how my body felt post workout and if I was eating on time. Whitney is extremely passionate about what she does and takes pride in getting you the results you want. What I appreciate most about Whitney is how she drove an hour away after work to support me the day of my show. Having her there to tell me that I was beautiful, that I looked amazing, and that I was going to kill it meant the world to me! It's because of her I have learned so many the tricks and trade to a sport I have fallen in love with. I am definitely looking forward to teaming up with Whitney for my next show, and will continue to utilize her as an accountability partner as I progress in my fitness-modeling career. If you haven't yet...You better get "Whit" it!

Erica Di Bona

I chose Whitney because she smiled at me in the locker room. She had a magnificent body, and I appreciated her strength and beauty. She encouraged me to try new equipment/moves/weights I would have never attempted without her help. I work harder with Whitney because I hope just a little bit of her physique will inspire mine… and we enjoy our sessions. It turns out Whitney is not only beautiful on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Roberto Richie

I just wanted to make fitness a lifestyle for me and to get my confidence back. Working with Whitney has helped me achieve that because she helped make learning the basics a fun experience. Her enthusiasm for her craft inspired me. I found a passion for fitness I didn’t know I had.

Henning Fellinghaug

I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney failure and put on peritoneal dialysis in January 2015, in the process I dropped from 225lb to 176lb. I’m 6’5 so needless to say but I was skinny and weak. I met Whitney Johns and told her my objective was to win my heath back get be qualified for kidney transplant surgery. In the months to come, Whitney did a phenomenal job. During 2015 I gained 25lb of muscles back and I was qualified for surgery. She has vast experience, she really takes time to understand where you’re coming from and tailor make a plan to meet your fitness goals and ambitions. Maybe I am biased, but she is probably the best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles.

Whitney Gaglio 

When I met Whitney for the first time it was love at first sight and it wasn't because we share the same first name! Not only is Whitney the most genuine and kind uplifting spirit, but she is a kick-ass trainer. Her workouts are innovative, creative and keep you moving! She pushes you because she believes in you and when you want to give up, she is by your side cheering you on with the most uplifting smile and words. Working with Whitney has left me feeling stronger, sexier and leaner!


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