As I spent my younger years growing up in Boise Idaho, I was never very good at sports, dance, gymnastics, or any of the other things that little girls should do well. However, I was always compelled to explore my athleticism.  I possessed a strong desire to be active, and improve my body and self.  After many failed attempts at traditional team sports, I decided to get into the gym as my athletic outlet. 

 At the age of sixteen I started weight training and extensive exercising and was immediately hooked. I discovered how good it felt to train my body strategically. Fueled and empowered by physical fitness, it soon became my way of life. I was given the confidence in other aspects of my life when I would set fitness goals and accomplish them one by one. The discipline and strength that comes from training your physical body translates into your life’s endeavors outside the gym; whether they are physical, mental or emotional. 

 Driven by my enjoyment in awakening the drive and fulfillment in others, I had decided to make it my life’s mission and purpose, by pursuing a career in personal training and the competitive fitness industry.  I began training at a young age and went on to receive my NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certification. I then decided I wanted a way to push my own limits, so I set out to compete in both NPC and the WBFF.  I earned my Pro Card competing in the Fitness Model Division for The WBFF in 2015.

8 years ago I began modeling for various apparel, nutrition and supplement companies in the fitness industry. This type of work is great motivation to stay in the best shape I can be. I continue to train hard finding new ways of challenging myself to keep mentally and physically sharp. My favorite method of training these days is in boxing, kickboxing and MMA training.


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